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Aluminum tape

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Aluminum foil tape and comes in rolls with a thickness of 0.05 to 1 mm, a width of from 20 to 1240mm and weighing from 100 to 2500kg. Aluminum tape is used in construction, food, architecture, manufacturing extruded products, as well as in the cases of different devices. Depending on the heat treatment of aluminum tape has different physical properties, and labeled accordingly.

  • Range of aluminum tape:

thickness of 0.3 - 1.5 mm, width 20 - 510mm

grade aluminum tape: AMC, 8011, AD, AD1, A5, Ltd.

  • Range of aluminum f Olga:

thickness of 0.05 - 0.240mm, width 20 - 500mm 

grade aluminum foil: 8011, AD, AD1, A5, Ltd.

  • Marking of aluminum tape:

M - H2 annealed - polunagartovannaya FG - smooth 

H - work-hardened H3 - three quarters of work-hardened FD - painted

H1 - I chetvertnagartovanna A - plated fine

Price List aluminum tape

Name R1 R2 The remainder, MT Presence Price *
A 2 3 rubles / t + vat
Aluminum Tape 1200 0.4 20 coils of 0.1
aluminum tape 1105M 0.5 1200 coils of 1.0 + 145
aluminum tape 1105N2 0.5 1200 coils of 1.0 + 145
aluminum tape VD1M 0.5 1200 coils of 1.0 + 145
aluminum tape AD1N 0.5 1200 coils of 1.0 + 145
aluminum tape VD1M 0.8 1200 coils of 1.0 + 145
aluminum tape 1105N2 0.8 1200 coils of 1.0 + 145
aluminum tape AD1N 0.8 1200 coils of 1.0 + 167
aluminum tape 1105M 0.8 1200 coils of 1.0 + 145
aluminum tape 1105N2 1.0 1200 coils of 1.0 + 140
aluminum tape 1105M 1.0 1200 coils of 1.0 + 140
aluminum tape VD1M 1.0 1200 coils of 1.0 + 140
aluminum tape AD1N 1.0 1200 coils of 1.0 + 167

* The price of aluminum tape is specified with the volume of purchases from 1t. With the volume of a 5tn. a discount, less than 1t. margin.

Aluminium tape are made ​​from blanks (blanks) are generally weighing between 500kg and rolled to the desired thickness with further longitudinal cutting to the desired width. The edge should not have nicks, notches and burrs. Depending on the weight and thickness of the aluminum ribbon roll length can be different. It should be noted that the aluminum tape is made ​​only in accordance with GOST 13726-97.Produce it from a different aluminum alloys.  

Typically, the aluminum tape is divided into the clad and clad. First, in turn, can be a normal or theological plating. In addition, the aluminum tape can be subjected to different types of processing. It may be cold-worked, annealed or not subjected to any type of   thermal effects. Also, aluminum tape   output has different variations in thickness and width, symmetric and asymmetric, high and normal (default) precision.

Another multi-functional product from the metal - aluminum strip. It is a solid metal profile, rectangular or square in cross section. The band is often subjected to anodizing aluminum or polymer paint coating to improve durability. As a rule, are classified as material. Thus, the aluminum strip may be annealed, hardened, artificially and naturally aged.

It is important to note the precision of its manufacture. Since the aluminum strip is normal, heavy, extra strength. In addition, the normal and accepted to celebrate the increased strength of the product.Aluminum strip varies by type of coverage. As a rule, used for this purpose paint, Electrophoresis, polymeric acid and the anodic material. Aluminum strip can also be dimensional, Random and multiple lengths. Widely used in construction, manufacture of false ceilings, outdoor advertising.

Another type of product from this metal - aluminum foil. In fact, this sheet metal rolled into a roll, produced by the cold method with a thickness of 2-100 microns. Aluminium foil is widely used in everyday life. It is able to maintain freshness and good properties of the products, does not deform at high temperatures. In addition, the aluminum foil is completely sterile, as the final stage of manufacture is subjected to high temperature annealing.

It is important to note that aluminum foil should correspond to GOST 745 - 2003. Aluminium foil has excellent flexibility, non-toxic material. That is why it finds its application in almost all spheres of human activity. In addition, the aluminum foil has a high resistance to all kinds of chemical exposure.


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