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Copper, copper alloys and prices

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Copper is often used in its pure form and copper alloys are used for the manufacture of various parts of machines and gears virtually everywhere. In particular, because of its high mechanical strength of copper seamless tubes of circular cross section and their suitability for processing, this material is widely used in the fields, where there is a need of transportation of liquids and gases. The relatively low price of copper and its characteristics have made it one of the most popular materials.

Copper alloys: copper and copper alloys ware

Copper alloys is used in various fields of engineering. The most common are bronze and brass. In addition, copper is an essential component of hard solder that are used for robust connection of metal parts made ​​of dissimilar metals.

For machine parts, usually used alloys of copper with tin, zinc, aluminum, silicon and other components. This is due to the higher durability of alloys in comparison with the technically "pure" copper. Copper alloys are unsuitable to heat treatment (except beryllium copper and some aluminum bronzes). Mechanical properties of alloys and their wear resistance is determined by their chemical composition.

By the predominant alloying elements, copper alloys are divided into:

  • brass
  • bronze
  • cupronickel alloys.

All copper alloys have a high resistance against atmospheric and gas corrosions, in particular, poorly susceptible to soil corrosion (except for the brass).

Copper and its alloys, copper alloy ware: terms of sale and supply

"Metal-Komplekt" LLC sells copper ware and its alloys, providing the most beneficial terms of sale and supply. Our customers can order and purchase the following products at affordable prices:

  • copper circle
  • copper band
  • copper sheet
  • copper wire
  • copper pipes for air conditioners.

Our customers may order and purchase the necessary ware of copper alloy in the right quantity at any time. The comfort of doing business with us, not least is due to a professionalism of our staff and competent service.

Should you have any questions in regard of purchasing company's production, please, contact our managers by the indicated phone or leave a request on our web site and we will contact you as soon as possible. With us, you can always find the copper and its alloys, as well as copper ware at attractive prices.

Brand Outer diameter, mm Wall thickness, mm Length, mm Characteristics Price per kg incl. VAT, from 1t.
Rods (hexahedrons) М1, М1r, М1f, М2, М2r, М3, М3r. 3,0 - 150,0
1,0 - 5,0 Soft, hard, semisolid 310 rub.
Copper wire М1, М2, М3, ММ 0,1 - 2,12 =/= =/= Soft, hard, semisolid 320 rub.
Copper wire М1, М2, М3, ММ 2,0-8,0 =/= =/= Soft, hard, semisolid 370 rub.
Pipes М1, М1r, М2, М2r, М3, М3r. 3,0 - 360,0 0,8 - 30,0 1,5 - 6,0 Soft, hard, semisolid 323 rub.
Sheets ( Plates ) М1, М1р, М2, М2р, М3, М3р. 0,4 - 25,0 =/= =/= Soft, hard, semisolid 310 rub.
Bands ( Buses ) М1, М1r, М1f, М2, М2r, М3, М3r. 0,1 - 5,0 10 - 100 =/= Soft, hard, semisolid 280 rub.
Anodes АМF 6, 8, 10 =/= =/= =/= Negotiated
Phosphorous-copper alloy МF9, МF10 =/= =/= =/= Bar 300 rub.
Copper roofing М2r (Fluorinated) 0,6*600 =/= =/= Roll 272 rub.

Copper alloys density:

Alloy Density, g/cm3
BrАZHM ts10-3-1,5 7,50
BrАZHN 10-4-4 7,70 7,70
BrАZH 9-4 7,50
BrАM ts9-2 7,60
BrКМ ц3-1 8,47
BrB2 8,20
BrОF 6,5-0,15 8,80
BrОTS (С) 8,80
L 63 8,47
LS 59-1 8,45
LS 63-3 8,50
LO 62-1 8,45
LZH С58-1-1 8,45
LM ц58-2 8,50
LZHМ ц59-1-1 8,50
LАZH 60-1-1 8,20
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