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Nonferrous and stainless metal-roll

Nonferrous metal-roll in stock

ALUMINUM DURALUMINUM Sheets, plates, bars, bands, rods (rounded, squared, hex-shaped) wires (with edge burnishing), profiles (extruded, locked), pipes, wire, angle, ingot, box А0М, А0N, А0N2, А5, А6, А7, АD1, В95, D16Т, АD31, 1105, VD from 120 r/kg COPPER BRONZE BRASS Anodes, Sheets, strips, bands, rods, wires(with edge burnishing), profiles, pipes (ordered spooling), copper roofing М1, М1r, М1F, М2, М3, М3b, Моb, (OF-OK, OFE-OK), Cu-DHP, МNZH5-1, МNZHМts10-1-1, МN95-5, МNZHМts30-1-1, МN19, МN25, МNts15-20, МN95-5 from 390 r/kg
STANNUM BABBIT, SOLDER ALLOY FLUX О1, S2, B83, B16, POS 61, POS 40 from 300 r/kg NICHROME FECHRAL NICKEL Sheet, band, wire H20N80, H15N60, HN70YU from 1200 r/kg
Stainless metal-roll in stock
Лист плита.jpg Sheets, rods (rounded, squared, hex-shaped) wires, pipes rounded, squared , egg-shaped 08-12H18N10Т, 08H18N10, 10-20H23N18, 20-40H13, 10H17N13М2Т, 14H17N2, 15H25Т from 180 r/kg Sheets, bands, rods (rounded, squared, hex-shaped) wires, pipes rounded, squared , egg-shaped AISI 201, 202, 304 (304L), 310 (310S), 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 410, 430, 43 from 170 r/kg


08H18N10Т, AISI 304 from 400 r/kg

HARDWARE MOUNTING IRONWARE, Screws, Nuts, Self-tapping screws, Rigging, Bolts, Washers
Wood screws, pins, stud, rivets from 390 r/kg

  • Production of bronze bushings, stainless steel tanks, heat exchangers.
  • Cutting-off sheets, plates and circles by the sizes of customer.
  • Shipment in Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad by transportation companies such as PEK, Avtotrayding, Deloviye Linii.
  • Find out more about the products we offer in our catalog of metal-roll.

Metal-roll market - it's a competitive environment, where the winner is the one, who offers the most attractive terms and always fulfills its obligations. We offer to all interested persons and organizations to purchase non-ferrous metal in Krasnodar, on profitable terms in required quantity.

Affordable and qualitative nonferrous metal

A wide range of products and a reputation of a reliable partner - these are the factors that positively affects development of the company. As a company-supplier of nonferrous metal and stainless steel, "Metal-Komplekt" LLC sells nonferrous metal-roll with the ability to deliver in any region of country, as well as near abroad and foreign countries through the mediation of transportation companies.

The list of our regular customers includes: government and commercial enterprises of the food industry, oil-gas, oil-refinery and chemical industries, aircraft and shipbuilding, agriculture, fuel-energy, engineering, construction, repair and supply.

Among our partners that manufacture stainless steel metal-roll and nonferrous metals, such Russian plants as, Kamensk-Uralsk nonferrous machining plant, "Splav" nonferrous machining plant of Gaysk, Kolchuginsk nonferrous machining plant, Stupinsk metallurgical Company, factories, members of RUSAL and SUAL Groups and others, as well as foreign manufacturers of metal-roll.

Sale of non-ferrous metals: what is important when buying a metal-roll?

Criteria for choosing a business partner, for whom the sale of non-ferrous metals is a major activity, are following:

  • reliability of the supplier, guaranteeing fulfillment of the contractual obligations to supply metal-roll
  • certified product, which is supplied directly from the manufacturers
  • qualified professional manager, who is ready to advise on all issues, including the application in accordance with GOST (AUSS) and TU (TS)
  • wide range of products (more than 7000 sorts)
  • flexible pricing policy
  • prompt execution of orders
  • индивидуальный подход.
Apart from your order for nonferrous metal supply, we are ready to:
  • Production of bronze bushings, stainless steel tanks, heat exchangers.
  • Cutting-off sheets, plates and circles by the pre-indicated sizes

Nonferrous metal: how to pay?

The company works within the common system of taxation with VAT. The final cost of the products depends on the batch size and delivery terms, which are initially be discussed, and then described in detail in the annex to the contract and to be prepared by your manager for each batch.

Partners Catalogue GOSTs and TU Serach - Business-Catalogue of goods and services of Russia


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