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Aluminum, duralumin

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Aluminum is one of the lightest metals. It is flexible and easy to rolling, broaching, forging, stamping, casting. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Depending on the alloying elements such as magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc, aluminum may have a different hardness, durability and other properties.
Due to its special properties, aluminum and its alloys are widely used in construction (insulation and finish) food industry (flooring, trim, container and utensils); shipbuilding (the details and finishing) in the construction of railways and tramways, in electrical engineering ( cables) in household appliances and kitchen accessories; It is produced in a range of aluminum, aluminum strips, aluminum sheets, aluminum plates, aluminum pipes, aluminum profiles, dural circle, etc.                    

Classification of aluminum alloys, in accordance with their purpose, according to GOST 21631-76 Adobe icon :

A. Food: A0M, A0N, A0N2, A5M, A5N, A5N2, A6M, A6N, A6N2, A7M, A7N, A7N2, AD1M, AD1N, AD1N2, ADM, ADN, ADN2

Two. Responsible design: V95T, V95T1, D16AT, D16AT1, D16AM, D1AT, D1AM

Three. Structures for various purposes: AD31M, AD31N, AD31T, AD31N2, AD31T1, 1105AM, 1105AN, 1105AN2, 1105AT, 1105AT1, VD1M, VD1N, VD1N2, VD1T

4. Corrosion-resistant alloys: AMG2M, AMG2N, AMG2N2, AMG3M, AMG3N, AMG3N2, AMG5M, AMG5N, AMG5N2, AMG6M, AMG6N, AMG6N2, AMTSM, AMTSN, AMTSN2

Status of delivery of rolled aluminum:

M - soft annealed
H - cold-worked
H3 - cold-worked by ¾ quarters
H2 - cold-worked by ½
H1 - ¼ of cold-worked
T - hardened and naturally aged
T1 - hardened and artificially aged to maximum strength
T2, T3 - Modes of artificial aging, providing material perestarivanie
T5 - a semi-tempering temperature of the end of the hot forming and subsequent artificial aging for maximum strength
T7 - hardening, enhanced editing extension (1.5-3%) and artificial aging for maximum strength.
* No designation means, without heat treatment.  

The density of aluminum and duralumin alloys:                    

Powder Casting s
Hell, AD1 2.71 SAP-1 2.7 AL4 2.65
AMC 2.73 SAP-2 2.7 AL9 2.66
Amg1 2.70 EPS-3 2.71 AL34 2.66
AMg6 2.64 SAS1-400 2.73 AL5 2.68
AD31 2.71 SAS1-50 2.72 AL9M 2.66
AB 2.70 KAFP 2.69 AL4M 2.65
AK6 2.75 PV90 2.90 V124 2.73
AK8 2.80 SPAK-4 2.80 AL7 2.80
D18 2.760 1419 2.78 AL19 2.78
D1 2.80 AL33 2.80
D16T 2.78 AL8 2.55
D16T1 2.78 AL22 2.50
1161T 2.78 AL23 2.63
D19T 2.76 AL23-1 2.63
VAD1 2.76 AL27 2.55
VD17 2.75 AL27-1 2.55
AK2 2.80 AL1 2.75
AK4 2.77 AL24 2.74
AK4-1 2.80 ATSR1U 2.90





V95och (with Zr)












1201 2.85











Duralumin - is a specialized aluminum alloy, which is added to the magnesium and copper. Its chemical formula was present invention for heavy industry. Rent a dural addition to the above elements is composed of the elements silicon, iron and manganese. Despite the high durability, this material can be easily set treatments.   Best of all dural subject to mechanical and thermal stress. Rent a dural somewhat less resistant to corrosion than, say, aluminum. Often the latter is applied to the dural it to improve its corrosion. This operation is called the cladding. That it allows for dural rent with all the necessary qualities to it.

Rent a duralumin is usually offered to customers in the different forms. It may be a plate, and sheet and rod, and various pipes. One way or another. Dural easy to mechanical stress, and thus cut, bend and polish the product is not difficult.   As a general rule, rental duralumin is widely used in automotive and aircraft manufacturing. Not less duralumin used in light industry and at home. As a rule, in the latter situation, dural convert to a part according to customer's design. Often it is also used as a material for the manufacture of sustainable building designs.   In addition, duralumin is indispensable in the manufacture of equipment for the food industry. In general, dural rent is a versatile and reliable material.

In turn, rolled aluminum products today is in no way less popular. He goes on the market in the form of pipes, profiles and sheets. In addition to aluminum th floor - an essential element of a huge number of industrial alloys. That's why its properties can talk endlessly. Aluminum can be easily rolled all major types of heat treatment. In addition, he has some qualities which distinguish it, chief among which is corrosion resistant. It is in this context, aluminum   is often alloyed with manganese, copper and other corrodible metals.   The design of this metal have the highest strength and are able to without having to replace and repair does not last for decades.

It is also necessary to note that the rolled aluminum has a fairly small proportion of what makes a material made ​​from extremely lightweight. In addition, aluminum is easily cooked, molded, has a high resistance to temperature changes, has good electrical conductivity, high fire resistance and durability. Rolled aluminum is widely used in light and heavy industry. Aluminium - excellent material for the manufacture of household appliances, cookware.   Rolled aluminum is often used in construction, manufacturing parts for automobiles, airplanes and ships. Also aluminum is used as material for innovative devices.


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